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Prosperity Park Properties, LLC

House For Christmas

House For Christmas

Seminar and Tour of Homes 

Saturday, September 28, 2019


What’s better than giving yourself and your family a new home for Christmas? Absolutely nothing. Find out how on September 28th.

About this Event

What’s better than giving yourself and your family a new home for Christmas? Absolutely NOTHING!

Think about it! YOUR own home! YOUR kitchen! A yard for your children to play in. A LEGACY that you can leave for your children and even your children’s children.

Join us on Saturday, September 28th, as we show you how to buy one of our new or renovated homes with a down payment of just $2,000.00. We have approximately 35 homes from $149,900.00 to $400,000.00 that we are delivering between September and December of 2019.

All of our homes are either new construction or have been renovated top-to-bottom with all new roofs, windows, framing, plumbing, electric, HVAC, insulation, drywall, and fine finishes. All of our homes come with 3-year home warranties. You can buy our homes with a down payment of just $2,000.00 and in some cases, NO DOWN PAYMENT (just appraisal, home inspection, credit report fees, and homeowner’s insurance).

On Saturday, we will have expert lenders on board to educate you on the mortgage process. We will also have a home inspector to educate you on what to look out for in your home inspection. After you learn about mortgages and home inspections, you can get on the bus and see some of our amazing renovations.


Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to buy a house with a down payment of $2,000.00 !
  • The difference in renting and owning !
  • How owning a home can change your life and your children’s life.
  • What’s a top-to-bottom renovation ?
  • How to know if a house has been “fully renovated” !


If I attend the tour, do I have to buy one of your properties? No! You do not. This is purely educational and informative. You won’t be asked to sign an agreement. There’s NO PRESSURE to buy. Our homes sell! They are beautiful and amazing! We will have no issues selling our homes and have no need to pressure anyone.

Are you real estate agents and brokers? No! WE are private development company. We buy, renovate, rent, and sell real estate for our own account.

Do I have to use your lender to buy one of your homes? No. You may use your own lender.

What if I have a real estate agent? Great! Bring your agent with you. This will be educational for both you and your real estate agent.

How are homes sold? Our homes are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis to qualified buyers.

I have already been pre-approved? That’s wonderful. We still encourage you to learn about the programs our lenders have to offer.

Where can I see the homes you have to offer? You can see our homes here.

Some of the houses haven’t been renovated yet? ALL of our homes get fully permitted and inspected. If you drive by one of our homes and it's not renovated, then it’s in the development process. If you contract to buy one of our homes, it will be fully renovated before you close.

Can I have input on the renovation? Yes! We allow our buyers to provide their input and customize their homes. To customize a home, you must put it under contract and post a deposit. You will then consult with our lead developer and our architect to come up with a plan that you'll love. If you want highly custom features, you must pre-pay for the customized features and your loan must be fully approved.

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