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Prosperity Park Properties, LLC

Your Reliable CA$H Buyer!

We're always looking for more houses, buildings, and land to buy. To get started, call Sir Charles Martin now at 301.875.2775.  

The Decision

The decision to sell your property is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make. It's important that you have a reliable buyer on the other side of a transaction. A buyer who has the CA$H to buy your property and help you solve the issue that you have.

The Proof Is In the Signage!

Drive around DC and Maryland and you will see our signs everywhere. Why? Because we buy a lot of real estate. A LOT! We solve a lot of problems for a lot of people and we want to help you as well. Here's what you should know about selling your property to us:

  1. If we make an offer on your property, we will close it;
  2. You will pay no commissions and brokerage fees when you sell to us. This will save you thousands and thousands of dollars;
  3. We will buy your property as-is/where-is;
  4. We are available and professional;
  5. You will be proud with what we do to the property after we buy it.

Peace, Love, and Prosperity!

Look at it as a ministry of sorts. We are on a mission to bring peace, love, and prosperity to the communities that we own in and serve.

What's in it for you?

In the interest of getting straight to the point, what's in it for you is CA$H! In us, you get a reliable buyer! A buyer who will cash you out just as fast as you want. If your property is vacant, then without questions we can CA$H you out very quickly. If you are currently occupying your property, then we will work with you on time frames that work best for you. If your property is tenant occupied, then we will close as the law allows us in D. C. (TOPA) and subject to the terms and conditions of your lease with your tenant. The benefits of selling to us are numerous:

5 Benefits of Selling to Prosperity:
  1. QUICK CA$H!. We can cash you out very quickly. As fast as 5 days, but as fast as you need to get CA$HED out.
  2. NO HASSLES. This is very important. Nobody likes hassles. We want efficiency and effectiveness. When you sell to Prosperity, there will be no hassles.
  3. PROBLEM SOLVED. We will help you solve your problem. Whether it's the need to sell the house because of a divorce, foreclosure, it's vacant and costing you, litigation, bankruptcy, you're underwater, you need to liquidate an Estate, or for whatever the issue is, we are here to solve the problem for you.
  4. MORE MONEY. Because you are selling direct, and don't have a "middle-man", you will pocket tens of thousands of dollars. When you sell to us, you pay no commissions or brokerage fees.
  5. FAIR OFFER. We are not here to take your house, we are here to buy it. Buying it means we will make a fair offer to you. Often times we spend tens of thousands of dollars renovating a single property. Our offer will be fair to you, and will most certainly justify our investment into your property.

Getting Started!

To sell your property to us, please complete the form below and we will immediately be in touch with you to make you a fair offer on your property. You may also call 301-875-2775. Thank you.

By giving us your phone number and email address, you are giving Prosperity Park Properties, LLC permission to contact you via email or phone.