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Prosperity Park Properties, LLC

The Power of VA Home Loans!

For those who have served our great country, there are numerous advantages of using the very powerful VA Home Loan!  The loans are not made directly by VA, but are guaranteed by the VA.  The VA loan guaranty is "insurance' that the VA provides to mortgage lenders.  Here are the Top 5 benefits of VA Loans:

  1. NO DOWN PAYMENT.  There is no down payment requirement as long as the home does NOT exceed the appraised value; and,
  2. NO PRIVATE MORTGAGE INSURANCE.  There is no private mortgage insurance premium required. This can save a veteran hundreds of dollars per month.
  3. CLOSING COSTS.  The Seller can pay all of your closing costs.  At P3, we always pay all of the closing costs for veterans.  ALWAYS!
  4. NO PRE-PAYMENT PENALTY.  With a VA loan you never get penalized for paying your home loan off early.
  5. REUSABLE!  VA loans are reusable.  If you've owned a home before secured with a VA home loan and have PAID the loan off, you can use your VA eligibility again!
  6. VA APPRAISAL.  Any home you buy using a VA home loan must meet VA's minimum property standards.
  7. HOME RETENTION HELP.  The VA stands with Veteran's by providing home retention help if it's needed.

It's a very good idea to get your Certificate of Eligibility before you start the loan process. 

For more information on the VA Home Loan Program, we encourage you to watch this very informative video from the VA.

To have our lender partner contact you to make arrangements for a VA Home Loan to buy a P3 Home, please complete the form below.  Thank you and we look forward to helping you buy a P3 home!

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