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Prosperity Park Properties, LLC

The P3 Difference!

One of the frequent questions we get is "What makes P3 different?" The differences are numerous and as follows:

  1. We have access to millions of dollars to BUY D. C. real estate.
  2. We can close in FAST as 5 days.
  3. We make FAST and FAIR offers.
  4. We are CASH buyers.  This means no contingencies and yes, we can close in 5 days.
  5. We provide excellent service.
  6. We have excellent partners.
  7. We are NOT real estate agents and brokers.
  8. We buy real estate for investment purposes and for our own account.
  9. We are DIRECT buyers, which means you as a seller will NOT have to pay thousands and even tens of thousands in commissions, fees, and closing costs.
  10. We buy all types of properties: houses, land, condos, commercial properties of ally types, lots, apartments, and special purpose properties.
  11. We SOLVE complex real estate problems - deals gone bad, foreclosures, short sales, estate sales, divorce, and bankruptcy.
  12. We buy Class 3 and 5, vacant and blighted properties.
  13. We DON'T charge upfront fees.
  14. We sometimes ADVANCE owners money to help them in tight situations.
  15. We are experts at foreclosure workouts.
  16. We are expert short sale negotiators.
  17. We QUICKLY evaluate your property and make FAST And FAIR offers.
  18. We have a system designed to close your transaction in 7 days.
  19. We are your trusted home buyer and you need not call anyone else, but P3.  Call Sir Charles Martin today at 301-875-2775.