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Prosperity Park Properties, LLC

Prosperity Park Properties, LLC

"Hard Hat" Open House 

The P3DCHOMES.COM Hard-Hat Open House concept is designed to educate you on what goes into a top-to-bottom renovation.  Depending on the phase of the renovation, you will see the house in its framing stage.  In addition to reviewing the building plans, you will also see roughed-in mechanical, roughed-in electric, roughed-in plumbing, insulation, copies of permits, inspection cards, and building plans. 

Upon occasion, we open our houses while we have them framed and awaiting close-in inspections, or are installing or finishing drywall, painting, installing tile, and finishing other parts of our renovations.

The behind the walls construction is everything in a home renovation.  Smart buyers want to ensure that the homes that they are buying have been properly renovated, fully permitted, inspected by the local authorities, in addition to their home inspection.  By the time the house gets to a home inspection, the walls are closed and you really can’t see. 

“A number of the houses that we buy in foreclosure and in short sale, have poor construction. It’s easy to see how the previous owners got behind on their payments as they bought a “money pit”.  We recently bought a house from HUD. This house had no insulation in the perimeter walls, and when we got behind the walls, ALL of the wood had rotted.  WE had to gut the house.  Think about that.  An FHA appraiser passed a house that had no insulation around the perimeter wall.  The home inspector couldn’t see the rotted wood.  A home buyer got “taken” as they thought they were getting a good house, but they bought a “money pit” that ended in foreclosure.  Our hard-hat open houses are designed to show buyers what’s behind the walls and give them the mental security to know they are getting a good house that’s been permitted, inspected by the code inspectors, and a renovator who’s transparent.  We stand behind our work.  Not only are we renovating top-to-bottom, but we are also providing 2-year home warranties.  How’s that for protection and security?”

-       Sir Charles Martin, Founder -

Upon arrival, you’ll be given a hard-hat, safety glasses, hair protection, and a safety jacket.  Our agents and renovation assistants will gladly walk you through the property and answer your questions.    

We are very excited to show you what we are doing and to get your feedback.  You are also welcome to buy the home you see.  This is smart as it will prevent getting into a multiple offer situation and allow you to take advantage of the pre-finish price as our prices are subject to increase upon the completion of the renovation.

Questions? Just Ask!